Almas shimi mofid Company was registered in 2005 with the registration number 260048 for the production of sulfuric acid, and later on the factory was established by Seyyed Mofid Mousavian, Seyyed Rahman Mousavian and Seyyed Mehdi Mousavian. Starting with the 98% sulfuric acid production line, the company began its activities as one of the largest producers of sulfuric acid.

Over the course of its history, the company has been operating in line with the decisions made by managers with several years of experience in the production of sulfuric acid, experienced professionals, investing in different parts of the company and technology, producing high-quality products, providing highly Customers, widespread sales and stable supply have grown dramatically and have made it a worthwhile place.

Almas shimi mofid production company is located in Qazvin province, which produces about 90,000 tons of 98 percent sulfuric acid annually with personnel and production lines.