Prospect and Policy

Almas shimi mofid Company has its most basic goal of continuously improving the quality of activities by maintaining the dignity of the company’s strong forces and taking into account research and development in order to increase the satisfaction of the parties concerned. The establishment, maintenance and improvement of an integrated management system, including quality management systems, environmental management and occupational safety and health management, is the goal.

The company’s management suite addresses the implementation of the following prioritized policies to continuously improve the effectiveness of these systems:

1- Increase customer satisfaction through:

Improving the timely delivery of products, creating an appropriate and effective process of maintenance and repair at the factory in order to maintain production records, stabilize and track customer complaints as soon as possible with the aim of satisfying them.

2- Extending awareness, responsibility and staffing capabilities with:

Systematic training of occupational skills, safety, and other related occupations and their participation in achieving goals and decisions through motivational systems, promoting integrity, conscientiousness and commitment through continuous and consistent supervision of caregivers.

3. Maintain and improve the safety and health of employees, contractors and visitors through:

Identification of foreseeable risks and ensuring the implementation of appropriate preventive mechanisms, maintaining and improving the readiness of employees to respond appropriately to incidents and emergencies, committing to related occupational safety and health regulations, ensuring availability and Use of personal protective equipment, staff retention, and order and organizing work environments.

4. Increase productivity of all units through:

The use of new technologies to increase the return on the product line, and the use of wisdom and the transformation of personnel experiences into knowledge through documentation.

5. Performing social commitments and legal responsibility for the environment through:

Identifying environmental aspects and ensuring the implementation of appropriate control or prevention mechanisms, eliminating or reducing environmental impacts in activities that lead to environmental pollution, considering environmental aspects in development projects, management of consumption Energy and materials to reduce pollutants, manage waste to reduce environmental impacts and encourage contractors to respond responsibly to environmental issues.

Values in the organization:

1. Axial justice, meritocracy and encouragement for teamwork and individual creativity in the company.

Integrity, Trust and Trust and Commitment.

3. Maintaining the interests of employees, customers and other stakeholders.

4. Full observance of laws and regulations and respect for the values of society.

5. Increased growth and improvement of capabilities and achieving effective productivity for achieving goals.

6. Development of bilateral and joint cooperation with other competitors.

7. Observing environmental issues.